The best money you will ever spend, is the money that keeps you out of the hospital. Your #1 asset is your health and you cannot buy your health.

There are multiple area of health to be covered. Being preventative and proactive in your health can have a significant impact on your daily activities. When addressing one’s health, you will typically hear about cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc..

All very important topics that can be minimized with the appropriate preventative activities. Although it is impossible to predict who is susceptible to health issues it is important to be responsible for you own health. Medical professionals in every area are a great resource and they help millions of people. Wouldn’t it be great if the only time you went to see you medical professional was for your annual checkup?

More and more disease and sickness can be linked to something as simple as your “gut biome”. Did you know that 80% of your immune system is linked directly to the health of your G.I.? Sounds like a big number and even though there are outside factors that can contribute to poor health, you have more control than you may have initially thought.

Let’s talk about gut health and the impact it can have on your daily life.

Your gut has its own micro-biome comprised of the small and large intestine. Home to trilions of bacteria, recent studies suggest that your micro-biome plays an important role in your entire body. Affecting inflammation, the health of your skin, blood pressure, and even your mood.

Your stomach breaks down your food before it enters the small intestine. When food enters the small intestine the body is able to absorb the nutrients you are feeding your body. However if your gut biome is out of balance it can cause multiple issues. Fatigue, high cholesterol,weight gain etc.. We seldom consider what we eat could have a long lasting impact on our health. I am not recommending that you do not enjoy life and different foods. Nor am I suggesting that you can only eat one specific way. You are uniquely made and your body may require different nutrients then mine.

I follow a higher protein diet and avoid foods that can cause cellular inflammation in the body. As a former bodybuilder I learned the importance of the sugary carbs and how they could impact blood sugar ups and downs like a roller coaster. This is not to say you should never enjoy a good dessert, night out, or family functions in the summer.

You should learn to recognize what impacts you when you eat so you can gauge what is better for you. Some of my basic recommendations are a daily probiotic that is sustainable and has a good source. The product i personally use contains 10 billion CFU’s in an acid resistant capsule to aid in absorption and help protect my digestive tract. It also contains 3 additional bacteria that in clinical studies have shown to more effective in fighting viruses and bacteria.

Fiber is also a huge contributor to your health. Unfortunately most people only consider fiber when they are not regular. Did you know that the majority of American have 13-20 lbs of fecal matter impacting their intestines and colon? Sounds crazy but when you consider colon cancer, diverticulitis, leaky gut, IBS, and other intestinal inflammation issues that are becoming all too common in society today it makes more sense.

You should eat well and be active. Activity can also affect your regularity as a person. If you are sitting the majority of the day it’s important to implement some movement. Not everyone wants to do a dance class or pound the weights. You are alive during the best possible time in life. Any form of exercise you choose can now be streamed into you own home. You really don’t have any excuse to not be active. Even if its 30 minutes per day. You can purchase an inexpensive stability ball and watch your favorite television program.

I’m reminded of a client of mine who had cystic fibrosis and was always in a wheelchair. His ability to be active was virtually non-existent. He holds a good job and works but he can get up a move like we can. During one of our sessions I asked him and uncomfortable question “How consistent are your bowel movements?” His answer “Not very consistent at all. It’s one extreme or the other.” We helped him by supplementing with our fiber and probiotics. After several weeks his body regulated so he could predict was his body was going to do.

We are all here for those that we love, adore, appreciate, and depend on us being in their lives. Make some time for yourself……please. It won’t happen overnight but you will become a NEW version of you with consistency.

When it comes to fiber a daily routine is necessary. I am not a doctor. I will disagree that you will get enough fiber in your daily diet. Unless you have the time to graze the field like cattle it is difficult to consume enough fiber. With genetically modified foods naturally occurring fiber is less and less. The product I use is taken daily (my preference the first thing in the morning. Even before coffee.) and is full of psyllium husk, soluable and insoluable fibers as well as, pre and pro biotics.

Here is a link that suggests that may cancers are directly linked to you mirobiome and gut health overall.

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